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Bookkeeping Services

We find missed deductions in your bookkeeping

Every month when we close your books, our team review every transaction in your bookkeeping. We identify issues that need changing and look for opportunities missed, providing you the most accurate financial picture of your business.

Businesses Served
Transactions Audited
Saved in Taxes
Comprehensive Tax Services

We show you how to pay less tax

Tax planning and projections are included in every tax package. We can show you what you will owe, when you owe it, and most importantly, how to reduce your tax.

No more surprises, no more large tax bills, always proactive planning and advice to help you save.

Tax Strategy Report
Quarterly Tax Projection
Business Entity Planner
Business Structure Planning

We can help you choose the right business structure

Included in every tax planning package is our entity planner. If you’ve ever considered changing entity, we can help you make the best decision based on the effect it’ll have tax wise!

Full Service Payroll

We setup and manage your payroll

We partner with Gusto to provide the best payroll experience possible. Gusto are the leading payroll and benefits provider for small businesses and offer a seamless and efficient payroll experience. Gusto’s platform allows us to easily process payroll, manage your employee benefits, and ensure compliance with labor laws. Your employees will have access to Gusto’s self-service portal, where they can view their pay stubs, request time off, and update their personal information.

Gusto + MassTax

Already using a different payroll service and want to make the switch? We can help!

Running Payroll

Join the 150+ small businesses that rely on MassTax to handle their accounting.